Notes in lieu of Review

If you follow the blog on Twitter you probably heard me mention I'd be on a friend of mine's radio show, 3 Hour Comedy Hour (listen online here). Instead of writing a full length review for Rock of Ages and Prometheus I decided it'd be a nice way to change things up by providing you with a look at the notes I used for the show. I would love to hear what you guys think about a "snapshot" review, as I know sometimes you're in a hurry and don't have time to read a full length review. Here we go!

Rock of Ages:

History: Started as a stage musical around 2006. Hit Broadway in 2009. Now a movie.


-Fairly straight forward. Young girl heads west seeking fortune and fame. Girl meets boy. Reminds me of Tom Petty’s "Into the Great Wide Open". Young kids with world at their feet...

What you might not like:

-It is a musical. Some folks might be turned off by all of the singing, but let’s face it, a lot of Disney animation we watched as kids had a fair number of songs. Plus these tunes are some of the biggest hits from the 80s.

-The stage production was known for breaking the fourth wall. The movie tends to get a bit silly at times, not sure if that’s due to problems with the script or a nod to its stage roots and how lighthearted that production was compared to others. In a way, I’d rather them pick a tone and stick with it. Not too up and down, but some outlandish bits tend to cheapen some of the more serious bits. 

-Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta. They aren’t bad, but they are outshined by their co-stars. Katherine Zeta-Jones is beautiful and a lot of fun to watch. Russel Brand is good for laughs without being too annoying. 

What Works:

-I know in Team America Matt Stone and Trey Parker teased about Alec Baldwin being the greatest actor of all time, but he’s probably one of the best character actors working today. He’s great as the owner of the night club where Drew and Sherrie work. 

-Malin Akerman is also good. The main reason to see the movie is because of Tom Cruise. I know a lot of folks can’t stand the guy, but I like him well enough. Sure, he acted crazy on Oprah’s couch, but he never gets too political and doesn’t seem to be a creeper, I find that refreshing. 

-Cruise's performance as Stacey Jaxx is excellent. I’d consider it one of the best performances I’ve seen this year. Big departure from Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible. If Robert Downey Jr. received a Golden Globe nomination for Tropic Thunder, I don’t see why Cruise couldn’t get one for Rock of Ages. He’s that good. 

-Outside of the acting I also enjoyed it because it captures spirit of rock & roll in being true to yourself and finding where you belong. 


-If you don’t like musicals but love good 80s music, perhaps this is the movie that’ll make you appreciate musicals a bit more. If you hate musicals, you might still walk away disappointed, so don’t go expecting any sort of genre-redefining movie. If you enjoy musicals you’ll probably like this one. If even remotely interested in the film, check it out. I think Cruise’s performance is worth the price of admission.




Really hard to write a spoiler free review of Prometheus. Basically even hard to talk about the movie without spoiling any parts. So basically here are a few reasons why I think you might want to see it:

Visually, the movie looks great. I didn’t see it in 3D, but am hoping to. Some of the visuals are pretty incredible and Ridley Scott actually filmed it for 3D, instead of doing a conversion. Conversion from 2D, to me, is one thing keeping 3D from being widely accepted. That and 3D films are dim. 


-Noomi Rapace is really good. As the movie is related to Alien it’s nice to see another strong female character in a leading role. Sigourney Weaver is an icon and I didn’t spend any time thinking, man I wish Sigourney was here instead of this girl. 

-Michael Fassbender is phenomenal as David. His performance is a lot of fun to watch. Can’t really say much about him without spoiling parts of the movie, but I’m curious to see if everyone else enjoyed watching him as much as I did. 


If you enjoy sci-fi check it out. Also keep in mind it isn’t a true prequel to Alien. Keep those in mind and you should have a good time. 

**Note: I want to see it again. For me, Sci-fi is a fun genre because it allows us to look at ourselves critically, without making any real relevant political or social comments, although they could be made. For me good sci-fi is broad enough that it won’t be limited to speaking to the human condition during a certain time, but through all of our history.