What is "Movies 'n Munchies"?

Hi there! My name is Stephen and I'd like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. You're probably asking yourself, what's this "Movies 'n Munchies" site all about? Good question. Like any good American, I believe what I have to say matters and is of the utmost importance, so naturally I decided to create a blog to talk about two of my favorite things, film and food. 

I figured the name "Movies 'n Munchies" accurately captures my approach to the two subjects, casual. I could have gone with the name Film and Fare, but the name invoked a group of intellectuals discussing auteurs while drinking expensive wine over a full course meal. I am not a film critic. I am just an average guy who like movies and eating. The movies I'm going to discuss will be showing at most multiplexes or available on home video (from time to time I'll review smaller pictures, but I'm not going to go out of my way to do so, critics are a better source for comments on these films). My main goal is to give you an insight into whether or not a movie is good enough for you to invest your time and money in it. Going to the movies isn't cheap and I figured I'd "take one for the team" by watching movies and posting my opinions to help you decide if you should check it out. If you're willing to give me your time and support by visiting my site, I'll gladly bite the bullet and sit through movies like Water for Elephants so you don't have to. I really saw Water for Elephants, my excuse is that it was the week of Mother's Day and my mom wanted to see the movie (just go with it). 

Now, for the munchies aspect. I'm based out of "The Loveliest Village on the Plains", Auburn, AL. I think it's a swell place to live and since it's a college town, with lots of college students on a budget, I wanted to create a site that gave honest reviews of local restaurants and their food. I know there are any number of sites for people to visit to find reviews of restaurants, but I hope that readers will find my comments more useful than a four word review ("the best food ever!"). Over time I hope readers will come to appreciate my "tastes" in movies & munchies and will be able to better judge how to spend their discretionary income. 

So to recap, the site is mainly dedicated to movies and food. The food aspects will not be limited to local restaurant reviews, I will from time to time share recipes or other culinary related gems with my readers. In addition, readers might also be treated to my opinions on other aspects of popular culture besides motion pictures. At the end of the day I decided the name "Movies 'n Munchies" sounded a lot better than "Movies, Munchies 'n Pop Culture Miscellany". 

I look forward to your input and hope that I can be of some assistance in helping you decide how to spend your hard earned money. Thanks for stopping by! Please don't be a stranger!